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Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
modified-shop-1.06-SP3 9274   6 years Tomcraft Added update.php to /branches/modified-shop-1.06-SP3
modified-shop-1.06-SP4 9674   5 years Tomcraft Update project version in /branches/modified-shop-1.06-SP4
update_xtcmodified-1.05-SP1_to_1.05-SP1a 2320   10 years Tomcraft1980 Added Service-Packs to branch folder
update_xtcmodified-1.05-SP1a_to_1.05-SP1b 2431   10 years Tomcraft1980 Corrected date in _Dateiliste.txt in SP1b
update_xtcmodified-1.05-SP1b_to_1.05-SP1c 3017   9 years Tomcraft1980 update project version
update_xtcmodified-1.05-SP1c_to_1.05-SP1d 3118   9 years web28 Add forgotten comma in update.php of SP1d.
update_xtcmodified-1.05-SP1d_to_1.05-SP1e 4317   9 years gtb-modified remove copyright.php
update_xtcmodified-1.05_to_1.05-SP1 2827   9 years Tomcraft1980 Fixed a typo
xtcmodified-1.05-utf-8 2827   9 years Tomcraft1980 Fixed a typo
xtcmodified-1.06 3169   9 years hhacker Get ready for IPv6
xtcmodified-stable-1.0x 1609   11 years Tomcraft1980 Addition on r1594, r1608
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